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Jason Fladlien's online business didn't start doing ridiculous numbers (like below) until he discovered webinars.

Specifically, free webinars that sell a product or service at the end of it.

I'd like to share all these "pitch secrets" with you. Best of all, if you act immediately you can get in at the introductory offer price of just $19.95.

More on that in a moment. First...


Every month above (except May 2010) Jason did webinars.

The months with the red arrows pointing at them are when Jason did multiple webinars. No coincidence... Those were Jason's best months this year.

I'm not saying you'll get this training today and immediately do numbers like mine. Not very likely. But you should be able to immediately use the strategies Jason shares with you to make hundreds of times your investment back today. Even thousands...

And who wouldn't like to spend $19.95 to make many hundreds of times that risk free? That's why you'll love this training guide.

Introducing Webinar Pitch Secrets
Discovered After 300+ Hours Of Webinars

I've just finished writing a 68 page digital guide on every powerful secret Jason knows about doing webinars that make tons of money.

Jason decided to write this guide instead of making it an audio or video course for one reason: reference.

Most of the strategies Jason shows you can be copied almost verbatim so you can immediately put them to use.


What strategies will you discover when you get your hands on this training today?

Chapter 1
A Webinar Pitch Formula
You Can Immediately Use

We are hitting the ground running. Jason immediately shares with you a webinar pitch secret you can use and profit from quicker than falling off a log.

You don't need your own product to do this. You don't need a sales letter. You don't need your own service. Nothing.

What do you need? To be able to follow directions and take action. That's it.

You'll discover...

  • The Gratitude Close - How this formula is structured so that attendees will fall in love with you... Even if they do or don't invest immediately... (Meaning both short term and long term profits).
  • Users Manual Close - How selling with this formula is as simple as walking through a users manual (That's why it works, because a lot of people just need a little assistance).
  • "Here's An Easier Way" Close - How to show something that's valuable to do on its own, then offer a PAID automated alternative (hint: use affiliate products for this...)
  • The "3 Examples" Close - Jason gives you three real world examples, word for word, that you can use and swipe from to put the secrets in Chapter 1 immediately into action.

And more!

Chapter 2
The Instant Gratification
Webinar Pitch Formula

This is the secret on how you can make killer webinar presentations in just a few minutes... Which can...

Convert between 25 to 50% of the audience. I've used this formula to sell over $30,000 worth of stuff on a single 2 hour webinar.

Now you get access to its power as well.

You'll discover...

  • The "Built in Persuasion" Close - You don't have to be a good sales person to sell really well - Just use Jason's "built in persuasion" method and it will do the selling for you!
  • "Eyeball Grabber" Close - How to make the first 90 seconds of your webinar so irresistible that your attendees will be GLUED to the rest of your presentation (The more they listen, the more money you'll make).
  • "Small But Desirable Results" Close - This is a secret weapon that leaves Jason's competition scratching their heads when they see Jason sell tens of thousands of dollars from a simple webinar.
  • "Hot Button Topic" Close - How to immediately know at a glance what the hottest buttons to push on a webinar are, and exactly how to push them to increase sales...
  • The "Next Level" Close - Once you get some experience with webinars, Jason gives you permission to use this close because you'll be startled how it can flush out an extra two or three thousand dollars from an "old" webinar.

And more!

Chapter 3
The 9 Best "Call To Action Closes"

These are word for word closes you can use immediately out of the box to put into your webinar presentations.

Use these when you introduce your offer and make a "call to action" to invest.

  • The "Amnesia" Close - A logical and emotional close technique that will make people understand the hidden benefit of signing up immediately for whatever your offer is.
  • "Sleep Well Tonight" Close - How to position your product so your audience understands the negative consequences of not buying immediately, and the true value of your offer (expect a 5 to 10% boost in sales from this ONE technique).
  • The "Columbo" Close - A calculated "accident" that makes your offer seem like the bargain of the century, no matter what the price tag on your offer is. (Jason discovered this one by mistake but when he saw the HUGE increase in sales, he started using it intentionally.)
  • The "School Boy" Close - This close automatically answers the 3 biggest objections people have for not buying, and it does so in a way that makes them think you're the only solution for their problems (cha-ching!).
  • "Penalty" Close - Use this to make people feel pain for not immediately investing in what you have to offer, so their best option IS to buy (plus, how to do it in a "cool" way so you don't come across as pushy or a dick).
  • The "Q & A" Close - How to answer questions in a specific way to facilitate more sales (There are three ways to answer questions that make you more money... Comes with 10 real world examples)
  • "Get Off The Webinar" Close - This one doesn't make sense on the surface of why or how it works... Until you do it once and see sales flood your PayPal or merchant account. (Then you'll use it all the time.)
  • The "Buddy, Buddy" Close - A simple to use secret Jason swiped from a Billy Mays infomercial that he's seen only two other marketers ever use. (Perhaps that's why it's so effective.)
  • "Immediate Social Proof" Close - This is where you get other people to sell for you, while you sit back and just watch the dollar figures grow.

Chapter 4
Trial Closes To Induce Buying States
Before You Make Your Offer

Trial closes warm people up to your offer before you introduce it.

Result? They are much more excited to invest immediately, thus you make more money. Plain and simple.

You'll discover:

  • "Ownership in Advance" Close - How to get people to form an identity of OWNING what you're selling before they even KNOW what you're selling. (Obviously this makes you more profits.)
  • "4 Phrases" Close - Use these 4 phrases throughout your presentation to make your audience MOST receptive to your offer when you introduce it at the end of the webinar.
  • "Movies For Your Brain" Close - How to pepper your presentation with different "mind movies" that create an image in the listeners mind that is 100% consistent with what you'll offer later on the webinar (commitment and consistency in action here).
  • The "Sudden Stop" Close - Use this ONLY ONCE during your webinar. This will dramatically demonstrate ALL the value you're sharing with them. (Making them want to reciprocate the value... And they do so when they buy your offer.)
  • The "Triple Layer" Close - How to infuse each slide of your webinar with three layers of "buying state induction".

And more!

Chapter 5
Dramatic Demonstrations (This Secret Doubled
Jason's Profits On The First Webinar He Used It)

Claude Hopkins, the father of modern direct response advertising, said: "No argument in the world can ever compare with one dramatic demonstration."

No one will argue with your claims, your proof or the value you show on a webinar when you use ONE dramatic demonstration. In this chapter, you discover exactly HOW to create dramatic demonstrations.

Jason even gives you ones you can use "as is" to make it even easier for you to get immediate benefits.

These include,

  • "Show, Not Tell" Close - How to take concepts that most marketers need 15 to 20 minutes to explain, and explain them in just 2 minutes. (Result, you can add a lot more value, and more people will say your webinars are the best they've been on...)
  • "Quick Application" Close - How to instantly spot opportunities that are ripe for dramatic demonstrations, so you can build whole product lines and webinar presentations instantly!
  • The "Timex" Close - Secrets Jason discovered from advertising agency legend David Olgivly.
  • The "Drowning Baby" Close - The single best dramatic demonstration Jason has ever witnessed.
  • Over 14 real world dramatic demonstration examples!

And more!

Chapter 6
Pitch Transitioning - How To Sidestep The
Biggest Flaw That Kills Webinar Sales

This is the biggest error Jason sees people make on webinars.

One of the easiest and quickest ways to sidestep all this is to use a technique Jason calls "getting permission to sell".

You'll discover several different techniques that allow you to "get permission" making your pitch transition as easy as possible.

  • "Memory Lane" Close - A 12 word phrase you can use that pre-frames what you will sell in a way that people appreciate you making them an offer.
  • "I Wouldn't Be Doing My Job" Close - A 20 second transition technique that shows people you're doing them a favor by making them on offer (which makes them much more receptive to buying what you're selling.)
  • The "Cheesy" Close - This 2 sentence transition is cheesy, I'll admit it... But I've included it because it works. (Plus it uses humor, making people feel good immediately before you make your offer, which always helps!)
  • "Obvious Adam" Close - A straightforward transition that is low-key but very effective. (This is great for people who don't feel comfortable selling but want to make a lot of money with webinars.)
  • "Two Options" Close - Another technique that pre-frames what you will sell in a way that people appreciate you making them an offer.

Chapter 7
Webinar Mindset

You'll discover secret mind states you can easily slip into which makes doing webinars a breeze.

This is the hidden ingredient for success at a large scale level with webinars. (I'm talking $500,000 a year or more.)

You will find value in this chapter that extends far beyond just webinars as well... It will be beneficial to every area of your life.

You'll find yourself using this mindset when writing sales copy... When creating products... And even in your personal relationships with others. And you and everyone will else will be all the better for it.

Chapter 8
Introducing Your Offer On A Webinar

There are 7 parts to your offer you MUST hit on when you explain it on a webinar. Miss any one of these and you will lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

The good news is - Once you KNOW what these 7 parts are - You can easily add them to any webinar within minutes.

Plus Jason shows you two extra techniques to infuse every slide of your webinars with powerful benefits that "induce the buying" state.

You know the cliche about the ABC's of selling? Always Be Closing. There's truth to that. Jason shows you how to apply it practically on a webinar.

JUST knowing these 7 parts ALONE is priceless. Yes, JUST this one chapter is worth probably 10 or 20 times the $19.95 price tag of this WHOLE training program.

Chapter 9

Stories sell. How'd you like to be a GREAT story teller... In only two minutes? You can...

Use these micro-stories... Which Jason shows you how to craft... And you can tell a story in 1 to 3 minutes that SELLS the living daylights out of your offers.

All you need is one micro-story to start off with - And Jason shows you how to immediately find and use it in your next webinar. Powerful stuff here!

Chapter 10
7 More Hot Tips To Boost Webinar Sales

  1. The Interactivity Close - This uses social proof, dramatic demonstrations, and establishes expertise within moments of using it!
  2. "Follow up" Close - How to follow up with attendees after the webinar is over to produce even more sales!
  3. The "Thin Air" Close - How you can sell products that don't yet exist from webinars. (Secret for a quick cash injection!)
  4. "Twitter & Facebook" Close - How to fill the webinar with attendees even if you don't have an email list...
  5. The "Autoresponder" Close - The two autoresponder emails you can use in conjunction with your webinar to grab a couple of hundred extra dollars (takes 6 minutes).
  6. "Extra Real Estate" Close - How to make webinars easier than ever to present.
  7. The "URL" Close - Secrets for sending them to the RIGHT location to buy your offer.

Chapter 11
Developing Killer Content For Your
Webinars In Just A Few Short Minutes

Here Jason shows you how to create webinar content in minutes that your viewers will love you for.

It also sets up your close as well. Are you afraid you might "give away too much content" on the webinar so that no one needs to buy your offer?

That's hog wash when you know the techniques Jason shares in this chapter.

I'll also show you...

  • The "error" you must make on every webinar to bring in money into your bank account. (Other gurus think this is an error, but it's actually not!)
  • The exact conclusion you can lead people on your webinar to form in their own minds which is responsible for Jason's 100% close webinar. (You won't do that good, but you'll do better than everyone else doing webinars.)
  • A secret Jason learned when he ran a record label company into bankruptcy that he now use to run webinars for a six figure "side business".
  • Exactly how long the content section of your webinar must be.

And more!

Chapter 12
Putting it all together
Your Instant Action Plan!

This is where you take everything from the previous chapters and put it all together.

Here's a sneak peak of what this chapter looks like:

8 Additional Benefits From Webinar Pitch Secrets You Probably Aren't Aware Of...

  1. The secrets can also be used to create high converting sales letters. Easier than ever before.
  2. The tips in the content section can also be used for creating high quality stand-alone products almost effortlessly.
  3. You can use these same techniques on teleseminars as well.
  4. Since it's a written digital guide, you can easily reference ANY close within seconds.
  5. The time you save from Jason's "shortcuts" ALONE will be worth far more than the $19.95 investment to get this training.
  6. You will enjoy long term "branding" results in addition to immediate profits.
  7. You will be able to market online without coming across as scummy. (We need more of your kind online!)
  8. You'll feel more comfortable with every action you perform in your Internet business after going through this training program. (There's a LOT of value in that!)

Why You Can Get This Training
For $19.95 For A Limited Time...

This is an introductory offer since this program has just been released.

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If during those 30 days for any reason - Or no reason at all - You're unsatisfied, just let me know - And again you'll get every penny of your purchase returned to you... No questions asked.

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Bonus #1 - Jason's Most Profitable
Pitch Webinar Deconstructed

This is where he go through, slide by slide, the best pitch webinar he's ever done.

You'll get value from this as you see exactly how he put what he teach you into action. This shows he "walk the walk" and also demonstrates how easy it is to use Jason's webinar pitch formula!

The webinar I break down has been responsible for more than $150,000 in sales.

Now you'll discover how I applied secrets in the training you can get
today and put them into action!

Bonus #2 - Wealth Attraction For
Unreasonable Entrepreneurs (Hypnotic Audio)

This is a hypnosis MP3 Jason created where you simply sit back and listen to it... And it does the work for you.

It's designed to help you easily attract MORE wealth into your life. It works at the unconscious level, which means instant change after you listen to it.

Similar hypnosis audio programs sell for $49.95 on their own... But
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Bonus #3 - How To Get People To Attend Webinars, Even If You Don't Have A List!

Here Jason shows you simple ways to get people into your webinar, regardless of whether you have an email list or not.

Make no mistake - An email list is the best way to fill up a webinar. But it's not necessary.

Instead, use these other techniques to BOTH put people on a webinar AND build your email list at the same time.

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